Microsoft Azure - identifying and managing risk

03 August 2022

The Microsoft Azure environment is inherently dynamic, and changes to existing configuration settings and the introduction of new settings by Microsoft are routine. This requires organisations and system administrators to regularly interact with Microsoft Azure to ensure risks are appropriately identified and managed.

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What's Your Strategy?

16 June 2022

Although cybersecurity risks impact every enterprise, the ways in which they are affected are different, as is the way in which they develop and deliver their Cybersecurity Strategy. Cybersecurity has few, if any, one-size-fits-all solutions. Each organisation is unique, as are its needs and goals.

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When did you last conduct a thorough Microsoft 365 Security Review?

05 May 2022

In a recent communication we outlined how Kaon Security when conducting Microsoft 365 security reviews have found many organisations have a well a configured tenancy in some areas but commonly those organisations still have some critical or high-risk security issues to address, and opportunities for improvement. Even where security best practices a…

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Being Prepared and Resilient

02 March 2022

Many organisations have an Incident Response Plan, but do not go to the extent of testing its effectiveness by simulating a potential security incident to pre-condition the response teams behaviour when the reality of an incident occurs.

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