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Improve Your Company IT Security Posture

The IT Security Improvement Cycle – 5 key components. Kaon Security advocate the application of the Security Improvement Cycle to all companies and organisations. We have developed professional cyber security services and capabilities through the complete cycle to help organisations build their posture over time to reduce cyber security risks. It is through close and long term partnerships with our customers that we ultimately achieve the best results that enable executive management teams and board members to have confidence that they are addressing those risks with a measured and effective approach.

Trusted by organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand, our cyber security company takes the safeguarding of digital data seriously, employing the 5 key components (pictured below) to ensure your company’s IT environment and information is well protected.

Security Improvement Cycle

Establish or Adjust Policy

IT policies aligned to best practice are foundational to the security posture of an organisation. As business evolves, compliance changes, and the threat landscape shifts, policy adjustments are often necessary to maintain the expected level of protection of digital information and systems.


Promote Security Awareness

People are your best defence against cyber threats once educated and aware. Each organisation is different therefore awareness campaigns and training methods should be tailored to fit the culture and maturity of the business.


Implement Processes And Procedures

Processes and procedures should be documented and followed consistently to develop a robust security posture. Operational security has to reflect the firm’s policies. All business as usual processes plus incident response and BCP/DR planning should be covered.


Technical Controls

Technical controls that include conventional or more advanced defences need to be configured to reflect policy and ideally automate aspects of security operations in line with the company’s processes and procedures.


Audit/Monitor For Compliance

Security auditing should be conducted on a regular basis to identify weaknesses in human factors, operational processes or controls. Very often audit results indicate a need to continue the improvement cycle with a focus on policies, awareness, procedures and controls.


IT Security Audit

We will help your organisation validate how secure it is from potential threats in the ever changing technology landscape.

Services Include:

  • In-depth onsite analysis and investigation
  • Findings delivered in a business orientated report
  • Risks identified and prioritised
  • Recommended remediation steps outlined

Policy Management as a Service

Policy Management as a Service is a comprehensive suite of IT Policies designed to eliminate the need to develop and maintain your own policies in-house.

Services Include:

  • Customised and branded to your organisation
  • Mapped to international standards
  • Maintained and updated by our experts after deployment
  • Cloud based solution

Incident Response

Combatting and dealing with cyber security incidents such as DDOS or Ransomware attacks is challenging. Our team can help you prepare or a respond to an attack.

Services Include:

  • Develop an Incident Response plan
  • Quickly identify if you have been attacked and need to act
  • Minimise the impact of an attack
  • Utilise our First Responder Toolkit

Cloud Security

Cloud security is a complex area. SaaS, IaaS and PaaS models all present their own unique challenges, we can help you understand the risks and best practice to secure your data.

Services Include:

  • Office 365 Security Review inc recommendations for security configuration optimisation
  • Map cloud applications currently in use in your environment
  • Review present and future state architecture
  • Practical guidance and advice
  • Detailed reporting for execs and the technical team

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Ethical Hacking is regularly used by organisations as part of their ongoing security strategy/program.

Services Include:

  • Infrastructure Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • WiFi Testing
  • Social Engineering

Email Security Audit

Email is a crucial business communication medium in the digital world. It is also the favourite mode of initial attack or entry point for most cyber criminal activities. Find out which of your organisation’s email contacts can be publicly found online, and measure your susceptibility to a targeted internet based zero day phishing campaign.

Services Include:

  • Open Source Intelligence gathering (OSINT)
  • Assessment and testing of the accuracy and capability of your email spam blocking
  • Targeted internet based zero day phishing campaign.

IT Security Awareness

Your staff can be the best defence against cybersecurity threats. We deliver organisation-wide education and awareness programs to develop their human firewall capability.

Services Include:

  • Access to high quality content
  • Mix and match content to suit your business requirements
  • Insource or outsource program delivery
  • Measure and report on the effectiveness of the learning content

Professional Services

Kaon Security has extensive industry experience and provides a range of IT security services within Australia and New Zealand

Services Include:

  • IT Security Consulting and Strategy
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Website/Web App Security Auditing
  • Virtual CISO/ITSM

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